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Pere Sala (1962) is a Catalan sculptor. He was born in Vic on the year 1962. His first approximations to the artistic world were some drawing and painting lessons with Joan Solà. He woke his interest on representing reality and he taught him a different way to look at the world that surrounds us.

 Sala discovers sculpture on the Fine Arts department from the University of Barcelona. He does it through modeling and learning the basis from his teacher, Ricard Sala.

He aims to convey organic volumes coming from the inner volumes push. This growing implies the existence of an inner heart, a nucleus, a center that expands itself until it finds its own growing limits and becomes a closed form and volume.

Surfaces become limits and they have enough surface tension to reflect the inner core and to allow the light to caress the piece, revealing its own volume. Sculpture is an ideal, a closed and static presence; its live must come from its inner pulse and movement is a suggestion.

Then, the referents were from the Catalan noucentisme: the order and the classical ideals, Arístides Mallol, Fidel Aguilar, Enric Casanova, Josep Clarà, etc. But other sculptors went a step further and Sala discovered the geometrical representations of Manolo Hugué or the elegant break of body’s continuity of Pau Gargallo and the space conquest of Juli Gonzalez and Leandre Cristòfol, when they made the air act a part of the very own pieces.

 After completing his university studies, Sala begins to work in different fields. These experiences allow him to deepen his knowledge. He learns about new synthetic materiel when modeling shop mannequins, to sculpt off when building wooden models, new technic solutions and functional and theatrical effectiveness concepts when building giants and showbiz farandole for popular fairs and theatrical props with artist such as the musician Carlos Santos.

 Since his first exhibitions on 2004, Sala is working with bronze. This material gives a lot of freedom and he uses that freedom to explore different movement themes. He is in a constant process in which he wants to maintain the corporeality learnt in his formation but searching a new relation with the space and its expansion.

Even when the contours of the shape are limiting the volumes, he wants that the expansive process break the skin barrier through suggestion. He searches to place the different bodies and shapes in front of the viewer not in an isolated way but in complete integration with the environment: the water, the air or a moment in time.

Nowadays, his influences are Matias Quetlas and Anthony Gormley and his works can be found in very important Catalan international galleries like Anquin’s or Barnadas.

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