Santi Domínguez

Santi Domínguez (e-Katalog)

Santi Dominguez ist ein junges katalanischen Künstlers. Seine ersten Ausstellungen wurden von den lokalen Presse gefeierten:

“Santi Domínguez undertakes a hard work as a big fan, huge painter and much better technical illustrator. He focuses his view on the wild life. He addresses this complicated issue, with fervor and with a version of great scientific value, but written by the eyes of a new vision of great tonal beauty. These beautiful pictorial works are maintained by the fidelity of their Creator, faithful to a kind of intimate gaze directed at various races such as the elephants, apes, mammalian beasts, reptiles and horses under the tutelage of an extraordinary sketch and wise application of the iridescence is a collection of great power and beauty teaching descriptive. Dominguez is guided by pure heterodoxy attached to a single conviction, which is none other than the plastic creation of species transferred to canvas.  These  paintings  hold  the  ideological  message  of  respect  for  wildlife,  seen  from  the perspective of visual enormity plasticity, where the situation is more complicated color due to their bodies and feature different skins. The artist uses his gift, talent and intelligence in these works, and once crystallized and completed, submits them to the criticism of specialists, whose rise the study to the superlative degree of Works of Art. Older people may remember that we formerly used these animal representations for the sole purpose of making it known to an ignorant world. These skills were exotic and only used as educational material, never as an artistic message in visual creativity. For this reason and in response to his creative needs Santi stands on these exercises and ascends to a preferential and outstanding artistic level. His works are driven by his strong personality and his skill, by his manner of  drawing and possessing knowledge on this subject. His struggle, in an optimistic scenario, serves as a heavy circular tax taking all human actions. Fortunately for lovers and animal advocates, Santi Dominguez has the purest ideology that times have changed. We can definitely say that the technique is perfect and each canvas is bound to its own history under the formalization of a wonderful color system.”

Oliveras, Josep El arte en su máxima expresión Ediciones Ecuador 21: Barcelona 2011

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