You can see Perecoll’s work in Wiesbaden! Galerie KunstKontor, Taunustrasse 39.

Perecoll: (e-Katalog)


Born in Mataró 1948, he is best known for his sculptures, paintings and jewels. Three different aspects of art under the same conception that lead us to think that in all his artistic findings, everything comes from the sculpture.

His art can be found around the world, Brussels, Munich, Paris, London, Madrid, Tokio and Miami. It is there where we can find one of his biggest public sculptures, Bird in flight. During his inauguration, Perecoll received the city of Miami Golden Key.

The radical reduction in color is what immediately surprises in Perecoll’s pictorial work: he sticks to black in his oils, whereas earth tones stand out in his watercolors.

Sculptor of highly luminosity pieces, he worries about volumes, perspectives, deepness, Perecoll works mainly bronze free representations of human bodies and Mediterranean mythology.


“Black. Black is a color. Black is all the colors. Black is a mood. Black is a language.

Black is a way to express the world. And this is how Perecoll understands it. Goya saw the black too as he felt the insane vertigo of war.

But black is not always the same. A picture can never be painted in the same way, as his sculptures can be seen from infinite different perspectives. Black contains the green of hope, the red of passion. Only the brave face black.

In Perecoll’s art there is reflection, passion, commitment and, of course, beauty. Beauty is everything, intelligence, form, texture, happiness. He gives color to the black and he builds spaces for thinking art.” Jaume Vidal

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