Marc Prat

You can see Marc Prat’s work in Wiesbaden! Galerie KunstKontor, Taunustrasse 39.

Marc Prat e-Katalog

Marc Prat

When we look at Marc Prat, we find a young artist that also has an extensive career, filled with relevant awards. Looking at his paintings, although we realize the mastery of technique, of spaces and volumes, we  perceive his particular creative world, with vibrant emotional images that which provide a quiet and ineffable pleasure. His work, replete of domestic securities and intangible, makes us rise to the surface of the signs of his secret and personal world.

Prat can play with large formats and make them accessible, close to the viewer. These formats are characterized by their tones and subtlety, by adding nothing more of that strictly necessary. One of Prat’s virtues, possibly inherited from his musical training, is this great deal of sensitivity with which endows his work. We should talk about of a new figuration, even a new expressionism.

The reality is transformed into the world of spirituality in the cloisters of the series Openings although the masks of the Teotihuacan series seem to speak from beyond the grave. This is the same dialogue between the sacred and the reality that can be seen in the Indicates series with the Indian buffalos. It seems that the arrows that accompany his works tell us the way and the disappointments of life. There is no empty painting on Marc Prat’s work. There is always a symbolism. It transports us to a shared internal experience, a gesture that, in essence, humanizes his work.

In every work of Marc Prat there is a small part of this great artist. His creations are still showing the freshness of his personal universe. But they also show his commitment with creativity, a strong step in favor of art, and the viewer values it.

 Àlvar Sáez i Puig

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